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For over 12 years we have used ecommerce as the most convenient way to purchase acupuncture supplies, acupuncture needles, herbs, homeopathic remedies, vitamins and nutritional supplements, and thousands of other medical supplies. Our new website now provides our customers with the best online shopping experience in the industry.
Make a list of your favorite supplies by adding them to "My Items" from any product page. You can then go down the list of your products and add them to the cart for a super convenient way to reorder supplies. Your items will stay on your list even after you purchase them.
Been a customer for years and want to reorder that formula from 2012? No problem. Now when you click on order history, you will see a list of all products you've purchased from Acu-Market within the last two years. You can then sort the list by brand, price, description, date, etc. and quickly fill in the quantity you would like to order for each product and add them all to your cart with one click!
You want Bu Zhong Yi Qi but can't remember what one company calls it? With our search by pin yin, you can see all of the different ways we stock a formula and narrow your results by price, brand, and form (capsules, tea pills, tablets, liquid, powder, etc...)
The fastest way to purchase products from your favorite brand. Viewing the brand in a list view allows you to simply run down the list of products, enter your desired quantity, and add them all to your cart with one click.